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Ken and Carol Suesz Come Full Circle with AUI

When Ken and Carol Suesz moved to Indiana after living in Hawaii for several years, they knew a connection with Audiences Unlimited was a perfect fit. “We met each other in the music business,” said Ken. “Carol is a Hawaiian native, and my family moved to the island in the 1960s. She was a singer, ...
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Meet Our Founder!

Lillian C. Embick was more than just the founder of Audiences Unlimited. For 42 years, she was literally the heart and soul of AUI, working over 90,000 hours as a volunteer executive director to bring the arts to the “loneliest of the lonely.” For Lillian, the mission was personal. Having grown up in an orphanage ...
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Former Board Member Reflects on Family Experiences with AUI

Before Jenny King ever joined the AUI board or even heard the name “Audiences Unlimited,” she was experiencing all the joy an AUI performance can bring. “On several occasions, we were at the Kingston Memory Care Center visiting my grandmother, Helen Munger, when an AUI performer would host a singalong,” she said. “After the fact,” ...
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AUI Musician Makes Strong Connections with Unreached Audiences

Rick Barton has been singing and playing the guitar since 1972, but it wasn’t until he became a performer for Audiences Unlimited that he truly grasped the power of making connections with his audience. “This is incredible,” he said. “It’s different every time, but it’s always phenomenally rewarding.” Performing for people is nothing new for ...
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