Artist Bios

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Masked singer performs for aging audience
Performing with AUI

Music Makes a Difference

We hire musicians and dancers to perform in long-term and residential care facilities and organizations serving seniors across Northeast Indiana. With their talents, they bring joy and enrichment to our special audiences.

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Artist Bios

Rick Barton

Rick Barton has over 30 years of musical experience. He plays guitar and harmonica in a wide variety of styles, including blues, folk, and rock. He performs with a Native American style flute.

Keith Calvin

Skip Calvin is the founding member of the Fort Wayne Blues Society. He has been singing and playing guitar since the 1970’s and performing since the 1990’s. He has performed in Memphis, New Orleans, and Fort Wayne. He often plays with Joe Baumgartner.

Chief Billy

Chief Billy has been playing music professionally in the USA and around the world for decades. His primary instruments are guitar, bass, and harmonica. He offers a wide range of music from the 20’s to 90’s.

Bob Farmer

Bob plays as a soloist and in duos. He performs on guitar and fiddle in a variety of styles, from Oldies to Blues and Country. With over 4 decades of musical experience, Bob is sure to please.

Bob Ferguson

Bob Ferguson is a local guitar legend. He earned his BA and MA in music from Indiana University. Between hosting Guitar Showcase on WBIO and WBNI and teaching guitar lessons, he performs solo and with Dan Heath and the Paradise Band.

Musicians of the FW Philharmonic

Musicians trained in classical instruments and pieces pair up in duos to perform for AUI.

Jay and Patrice Fox

Outdoors only. Jay and Patrice Fox perform a wide variety of musical styles. Jay has played accordion over 50 years. Jay and Patrice perform for AUI because they love the clientele. They believe that music is a catalyst for sparking emotions and memory.

Craig Itt and Dave Vining

Craig Itt (left) has been a musician in Fort Wayne for over 60 years. After 40 years working in health care and music therapy, he shares his talents with our audiences once again. He performs with Dave Vining.

KelsiCote Band

KelsiCote is a husband and wife singer-songwriter duo. With acoustic guitar and voice, they share original music influenced by folk, jazz, classical, pop and world music. Their mutlilingual lyrics bring uplifting messages of peace and unity. To read more on their full ensemble, click their name above.

Rick Lee

Rick Lee plays the guitar and the bass – both electric and acoustic. Rick performs music from the 50’s – 70’s as well as blues and country. He has played in numerous bands over the years and has a passion for music and the people he plays for.

Greg Leigh

Reverend Greg Leigh has been sharing his musical talents with Audiences Unlimited for many years as “The Preacher.” Reverend Leigh performs vocals and guitar in a variety of musical styles, including malt shop favorites, patriotic, popular and gospel music.

Dar McCartney

Dar McCartney started playing in bands at age 14, a musical career that carried her as far as Canada. She also taught various instruments. As a guitarist and singer, her AUI song repertoire ranges from the 40’s to the 90’s, including hits, blues, country, rock, and more.

Jeff Myers

Jeff Myers sings and plays guitar in a range of music from the 40’s to present, including folk, blues, country, and patriotic. He studied at Ball State and has since played in many bands. After teaching music in schools, he now runs his own guitar and vocals studio.

Rainee Perdue

Rainee Perdue is a woman of many musical talents. She plays guitar, piano, ukelele, mandolin, merlin, and Native American flute and has been performing in a wide variety of genres since childhood, including country.

Remember When

Remember When is a duo featuring Eli Arnold and Jamie Foster. Jamie plays trumpet and Eli plays tuba. They enjoy playing music that helps people remember the good times that music has brought to their lives.

The Retros

This dynamic duo performs a wide variety of hits from the 50s-70s. Dan Grohnke plays keyboard and trumpet, and Al Schumm sings lead vocals. Al brings 39 years of singing with local groups, and Dan has decades of experience in teaching and performing.

Ron Rumbaugh

Ron Rumbaugh is a pianist and singer with DJ and karaoke experience. He plays jazz, ballads, oldies, gospel, and more in a wide repertoire. He brings 50 years of musical experience to his shows, and he hopes to engage and uplift audiences with his music. People are often surprised to learn he is a retired dentist!

Ken and Carol Suesz

Ken and Carol Suesz perform a variety of music together as husband and wife including Bossa Nova, swing, ballads and other types of music, including luaus. Ken plays the keyboard, flute, saxophone and drum machine and Carol sings.

Eric Sundberg

Eric Sundberg earned a BA in Music Composition and Performance. He performed across the American continents, gave lessons, directed music at St. John’s Catholic Church in New Haven. He plays a wide range of genres with a variety of instruments.

Jeff Ude

Jeff Ude is a pianist and vocalist who has performed professionally since 1983. He has played in several bands throughout the years. He enjoys playing, singing and interacting with people. Jeff feels that performing for audience members are priceless opportunities and experiences.

Dale Vollenweider

Dale Vollenweider brings Afternoon Romance in the form of love songs from the 1930’s onward. Dale performs show tunes, jazz standards and pop songs using backing tracks to complement his keyboard and vocals.

Supporting Artists

Joe Baumgartner
Kent Roe
Dave Vining
Jerry Yagel

Artists with Limited Availability

Kristine Agen

Kristine Agen is a board-certified music therapist. Using vocals and guitar, she leads programs that encourage engagement through rhythm instruments and singing along.

David Blackwell

COVID HAITUS. David Blackwell, clarinetist, graduated from IU with a B.M.E. in Music Education and a M.S. in Education. David taught music for 38 years as a high school band director. He believes that music has the power to bring joy.

The Music Express

COVID HIATUS. The Music Express is a duo featuring clarinetist and saxophonist Dave Blackwell and pianist Marlene Lobsiger. Dave and Marlene have played together in various groups for more than 25 years.

New Harmony Quartet

COVID HIATUS. The New Harmony Quartet is a vocal ensemble featuring four female singers who perform without accompaniment. They enjoy bringing fun, beautifully harmonized music, and laughter.

The Northern Notes

COVID HIATUS. PIANO REQUIRED. The Northern Notes is a female vocal ensemble made up of 15-18 musicians who perform folk, pop, Broadway and other styles of music. They offer interactive, costumed and uplifting programs.

New Horizons Retro Revival Band

OUTDOORS OR LARGE SPACE ONLY. The New Horizons Retro Revival Band is a group made up of six musicians that perform polkas, blues, Dixieland and big band music. The members of the banc are all retired and enjoy bringing the joy of music to their audience members.

The Red Hat Strutters

COVID HIATUS. The Red Hat Strutters is a dance troupe. The group started out as an exercise group and expanded into entertaining others through the art of line dancing. The Red Hat Strutters perform in glitzy outfits coordinated with the season for each performance.

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