COVID-19 Response

Masked singer performs for aging audience
Putting your health first

Safe Live Performances

We understand that the people we serve are often the most at-risk for severe COVID infections. We work with each of our partners to provide music and entertainment that meets their standards for safety, such as distancing and masks.

We offer options for:

  • Indoor, outdoor, and virtual programs
  • Masked or unmasked performers
  • Vaccinated-only or vaccinated and non-vaccinated performers

In addition, all performers abide by each community’s visitor policy, including temperature checks and COVID-19 rapid tests as required.

Keep the Music Playing

For communities or facility units that may be in lockdown due to exposure, we also offer video programming through regular flash drive mailings. Audiences Unlimited records Fort Wayne’s local musicians and creatives to send a collection of videos to all participating partners.

Picture of flash drives labeled "Christmas videos"

Give the gift of music.

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