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We are an arts organization founded to break down barriers to reach often-forgotten audiences and creators. We serve people living in Northeast Indiana who are aging or living with disabilities. Our programs entertain, inspire, and affirm. Learn about our programs below.

Arts Programs
Musicians playing violin in a jam session. Original public domain image from Flickr


Audiences Unlimited, Inc. creates cultural experiences that enrich the lives of people with limited access to the arts.
We inspire others to value a rich quality of life for all people. Learn more about our history and mission below.

Who We Are
Nursing home residents gather for a small ensemble string performance.

Arts Partners

A mission this big can’t be done alone. We partner with many local organizations, advocates, and creators to get the job done. From the Fort Wayne Philharmonic to music therapist Heather Rogers of It Is Music Time, LLC, we find ways to offer innovative and enriching programs. Learn more about our arts partners below.

Sponsors and Partners

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