Want to know the impact you’re making when you support AUI? Here, some of the staff at Life Adult Day Academy (LADA) share how students respond to our programming:

“AUI has a large impact on our students. They are always asking who is going to be coming in and always eagerly waiting for AUI artist arrivals. Students thoroughly enjoy the interactive participation with the individual who comes in, especially when they bring in new kinds of instruments to discuss and learn about. They get super pumped up when someone comes in to do a drum circle, interactive games, or theater. We all adore Gloria and her dedication to the work she does. She is a ray of sunshine!” – Mindy Long, personal care attendant for 1 year, 6 months

“AUI helps energize LADA clients with the different music and artists. They love it when the artist takes requests. The AUI-LADA partnership offers each client a chance to work on their goals through music and fun as well as helping them to socialize and break barriers.” – Nyla Johnson, 3 years with LADA and working on a 4th

“AUI really brightens their day! Some of the musicians even go home and learn new songs for clients, and it makes them feel happy and special. The best thing about the AUI/LADA partnership is the relationships built through music.” – Amber Hadaway, Instructor, 1.5 years

“AUI makes the students’ day. They socialize and dance with their peers and love how they get their own special little concert. Students like listening to their songs being played by new and familiar faces. I love how excited the students are every time AUI comes.” – Sabrina, Math Learning Coach, 3 months

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