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AUI Artist Earns Top Spot at Arts United Awards Ceremony!

Congratulations to Suzanne Rhee, AUI’s Inclusion Mural artist, for winning the Distinguished Artist of the Year Award at last night’s 2024 Arts United Awards! The award is presented each year to an active, established artist of any creative discipline who has made significant contributions to his or her art form within Northeast Indiana. Suzanne was ...
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AUI Brings Connection, Community to Ascension Sacred Heart Village

“When I first started working at Ascension Sacred Heart Village,” said Kim Ley, activity director, I thought music was just music.” Today, she has a completely different point of view. Over the past 16 years at this senior living community, Kim has seen musicians from Audiences Unlimited (AUI) captivate unresponsive seniors. She’s even heard patients ...
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Mayor Tom Henry gives proclamation at Inclusion Mural dedication

Thursday, July 12, 2023, marked the crowning celebration of what can only be described as a wonderful year commemorating all the ways Audiences Unlimited has been making the arts accessible to all.  Our Inclusion Mural is the first of its kind in Fort Wayne, the first to reach out intentionally to individuals with disabilities and ...
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