People sometimes ask why I choose to give to Audiences Unlimited. I have a ready answer. It’s because I’ve seen firsthand the way AUI enriches the lives of others, especially those with limited access to the arts.

I’m not just answering as a former board member. My experience with AUI dates back to the days when my grandmother, Helen Munger, lived at the Kingston Memory Care Center on Dupont.

Helen was a lifelong musician and even played in piano bars in downtown Fort Wayne many decades ago. As a young person, I was amazed at her talent. She could hear a song once and sit right down at the piano and just start playing it.

When she performed in the piano bars, she would place the piano and organ at right angles to each other. She would play the piano with her right hand and the organ with her left, her feet pumping out the beat!

When her memory began to fail her, it was the music from Audiences Unlimited at the Kingston Memory Care facility that would bring her joy. She might have been confused about who we were, but she always became very animated and happy when the AUI musician would pull out his guitar and invite everyone to sing along. So when I was asked to serve on the Audiences Unlimited Board of Directors, I gladly said, “Yes!”

As you can imagine, this organization is very close to my heart, and I hope you will join me on Giving Tuesday in supporting this vital program. It’s such a wonderful way to enrich people’s lives—especially those who need it most!

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