Greg Leigh has been one of Audiences Unlimited’s premier performers for over 20 years, but he didn’t always feel called to play his guitar for and sing to unreached audiences.

In fact, Greg’s life has taken many twists and turns, including a stint in a cover band with connections to Joe Walsh, Buddy Miles, and Ted Nugent. His path to a successful music career, however, encountered an abrupt change when he received what he describes as “a call from The Creator.”

“We were rumbling on the pad,” said Greg, “but then God hit me over the head and drafted me into the ministry. I wasn’t looking to enlist.” And yet, looking back, Greg has come to realize that serving people as a United Methodist minister was one of the highest honors of his life.

In fact, it was during his ministry at Convoy United Methodist Church that Greg got connected with Lilian Embick, and a whole new ministry opportunity opened right before his eyes, one that combined his passion for music with his call to serve others.

“I’m a back porch picker,” he said, “and I’m picking up new skills all the time. I’m still growing as a musician.” At age 70, Greg has begun to ask God, “Why am I still doing this?” And just as his call to ministry was clear to him all those years ago, so is his call to perform for AUI in senior living communities today.

“My mission is to be a servant to the seniors,” he said. “I have my own genre that I prefer, but my goal is to provide something for everyone when I play. I make it very eclectic.”

For Greg, every performance is an opportunity to lift someone’s spirits and restore their souls. “Never underestimate the profound power of music,” he said. “I pray every time I perform. I get down on my knees and ask God to anoint me with the Holy Spirit. I try to be as open to that movement as I can.”

Sometimes, the Lord works in mysterious ways. Once, Greg played a song by The Turtles. “The director came out and said, ‘That’s the Turtles, isn’t it?’ At the same time, a young man in a wheelchair came up to him and said, ‘I felt the Holy Spirit in that song.’ I told my wife about it,” said Greg. “I’m glad I played it.”

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