When Ken and Carol Suesz moved to Indiana after living in Hawaii for several years, they knew a connection with Audiences Unlimited was a perfect fit.

“We met each other in the music business,” said Ken. “Carol is a Hawaiian native, and my family moved to the island in the 1960s. She was a singer, and I was a boy in the band.” A gig with the Jerry Lewis Telethon brought them together. Ken quickly learned the tunes in Carol’s playbook, and soon their connection changed from fellow musicians to husband and wife.

Their journey as a couple led them into Christian service, and they felt called to a nursing home ministry with their children. So when Ken and Carol came back to Indiana for a family funeral and a friend mentioned Audiences Unlimited, Ken and Carol knew it was the perfect way to spend their retirement.

“Before we went into the ministry,” said Ken, “I had laid down a lot of tracks, and Carol had tunes she did on a popular album. Together, we have quite a big music repertoire. I really wanted to play the horn again,” he said, “and this was a great opportunity.”

Playing with AUI has tied Ken to his past in more ways than just his instrument. “My dad was a high school music teacher,” he said, “and we’ve met people in senior living facilities who actually knew my dad.”

Together, the couple entertains audiences with vocals paired with the keyboard, along with tenor, alto, and soprano saxophone. “We start out with easy listening tunes,” said Carol, who plays what the couple calls “the toys,” including the triangle and rhythm instruments.

“At the end of our set,” said Carol, “we always do three songs about the Lord. A lot of times, people approach us and thank us for coming. They always have something positive to say. We’ve been performing for AUI since 2015, so we’ve been able to build several long-term relationships.” In fact, when people learn that “Ken and Carol” are performing at their facility, they show up and are very complimentary.

The feeling is mutual. “We’ve been married for 44 years and counting,” said Ken. “We’re so blessed to be with AUI. We did an audition when we came back to live in Indiana in 2015. The next week, we were working as AUI performers!”

Carol agrees. “From the time we first met the people at AUI,” she said,” it’s been a great relationship for us. Performing with AUI is the perfect way to reach unreached audiences, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon!”

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