Before Jenny King ever joined the AUI board or even heard the name “Audiences Unlimited,” she was experiencing all the joy an AUI performance can bring. “On several occasions, we were at the Kingston Memory Care Center visiting my grandmother, Helen Munger, when an AUI performer would host a singalong,” she said.

“After the fact,” said Jenny, “I learned it was AUI coming in and providing the music that would
bring such joy, even for myself. Songs really do bring back good feelings.”

Jenny’s grandmother wasn’t the only family member to benefit from AUI’s music. “My sister-in-
law found herself with a debilitating health condition which required a long stay at a local
nursing facility,” she said. “We came in one day to see her, and she was so excited because an
AUI group had walked down the hallway and played for everyone.”

That was over 15 years ago. In the years since, Jenny sometimes wonders how many lives AUI
has touched. And while she might not know the specific answer to that question, Jenny does
know how much those lives were impacted by AUI. According to Jenny, “AUI provides so much
emotional enrichment for a population that may not get it otherwise. It really is a wonderful
way to improve people’s lives!”

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