Believe it or not, before Rainee Perdue was singing for seniors through Audiences Unlimited,
she once had a gig singing for cats!

As she was passing by an animal shelter, guitar in hand, Perdue caught the attention of the
shelter owner, who said, “Why don’t you sing to the cats here?”

“I was trying to be polite,” Perdue said, but she was thinking, “Sharon, they’re cats. They’re not
going to give a rip whether I’m singing or not.” Nevertheless, Perdue did a few numbers for the
felines, and she was glad she did!

“That opportunity actually opened up quite a few doors for me,” she said. In time, she even
ended up taking some volunteer singing opportunities at different senior homes near her
Portland, Oregon home. When Perdue later moved to Fort Wayne with her husband, she knew
she needed to find a similar outlet for ministry.

“I was just at a place where I was like, ‘Lord, I just feel like I’m not doing anything for anybody
except myself. I want to make a difference,’” she said. That’s when Perdue found Audiences

“Some people ask why I sing for people in memory care,” she said. “I do it because there’s
something deep down in the spirit that trumps the mind. It’s there. That, and our seniors
deserve it.”

For Perdue, allowing seniors’ worlds to be opened a little more through music makes it all
worthwhile. “Why shouldn’t they get to enjoy entertainment,” she asked. “I’m so grateful that
Audiences Unlimited is here. It’s really making a difference!”

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