Why AUI?


Audience Members

We provide over 3,000 performances a year
in 50 care facilities
who pay 25% of the true cost.

We contract with over 140 professional local artists
including the Fort Wayne Philharmonic and Heartland Sings
and pay them for their time.

This year, the power of music will reach
99,000 audience members.


Looking for our financials? Check out our Guidestar Profile and our 2017 impact report.

Professional Artists
Care Facilities

Put a song in her heart. Give.

Why music?

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A rehab resident that was in a lot of pain sang with the musicians and enjoyed herself.

Kingston Care Center

A resident said that this was the best music she has heard in a while. She had not heard music like that since she was a child.

Covington Manor

Ed, one of my residents with dementia remarked to me, "I think this guy is really great! He plays the music I remember."

Summit City Nursing and Rehab

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